There are currently approximately 30 valid agreements between Estonia and Russia.

New bilateral agreements have not been signed in recent years. As from 1 January 2017, Estonia-Russia cross-border cooperation agreement and amendments to the social  insurance agreement are being prepared. Examples of agreements that have been signed and enforced since 2000:

  • Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Estonia and the Government of the Russian Federation on the Conditions of the Location of the Estonian Embassy in the Russian Federation and the location of the Russian Embassy in the Republic of Estonia (came into force on 2 April 2014)
  • Agreement on Aviation (came into force on 30/08/2000)
  • Agreement on International Highway Transport (came into force on 26/03/2001)
  • Protocol on Concerning the Agreement on Legal Aid and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Cases (came into force on 20/05/2002)
  • Estonia-Russia Pension Insurance Co-operation Agreement (letters of ratification exchanged on 2 March 2012)