Border Agreements

The matters concerning the state border between the Republic of Estonia and the Russian federation were first dealt with in 1990s, as the relevant issues were addressed in the working group of border negotiations during 1992-1995. The border agreements were first signed on 18 May 2005, in Moscow, but these agreements were not ratified. The border agreement of the Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation was signed again on 18 February 2014, in Moscow, as was the agreement on the Russian-Estonian maritime delimitation in Narva Bay and the Gulf of Finland. Contracts come into force 30 days after the exchange of ratification letters. When the border agreement enters into force, the demarcation of the boundary line will be organised by the Demarcation Committee, which comprises of representatives from various agencies.

During the signing of the border agreements in 2014, it was agreed that the ratification of border agreements in Parliaments would be conducted in parallel. On 25 November 2015, the Riigikogu completed the first reading of the draft on the ratification legislation of border agreements and now, the Riigikogu is waiting for Russia to make the next step. The draft is being processed in the State Duma but it is unknown when they will ratify it.