Estonian Embassy in Moscow stops accepting visa applications from citizens of Russia and Belarus

As per decision made by Estonian Government on 10.03.2022, starting from 10.03.2022 Embassy of Estonia in Moscow will not accept any visa applications (both Schengen C-type and national D-type visas) from Russian or Belarus citizens.

Visa applications can be accepted from Russian and Belarus citizens on exceptional cases:

  • Applicants whose direct descendant relative (children and their descendants) or ascendant relative (parents and their ascendants) or spouse is an Estonian national, holder of an Estonian residence permit or the right of residence (EU citizens living in Estonia).
  • Visiting a funeral or a very ill close relative in Estonia.
  • Applicants travelling to Estonia to get medical treatment and who have a valid medical contract with Estonian hospital. (NB! SPA clients do not fall under this exception).

 All visas which are already issued to Russian or Belarus citizens will continue to be valid on the terms they were issued on (until the end date on the visa).